Book - Uncle Trev and the Whistling Bull

The Flying Whale

Book - Uncle Trev and the Whistling Bull

It's the 1930s. Our storyteller is crook in bed trying to get over a long sickness and wanting to go back to school, when Uncle Trev arrives to let Mum go out and do the shopping. Uncle Trev tells one story after another about the animals out on his farm, and about his neighbour Gotta Henry. He also goes through Mum's cupboards and helps himself to all her gingernut biscuits and Louise cake. If you think Mum should be grateful to get out of the house, she's not. When she comes home, she chases Uncle Trev and his dog, Old Tip, with her broom and threatens what she'll do to 'that man' next time he comes in.

David loves doing the hilarious book covers for Jack Lasenby - not many tell tall tales quite like Jack!

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The cover image of the Whistling Bull is also available as a card and a print.