Haunting tales and firelight

My previous post was about projects in the civic sphere of my first home, Ashburton. This post is about projects I've been involved with in 2024 in my second and current home, Dunedin...

 Commemorating Lord Byron

In a wonderful collaboration with Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature to commemorate the bicentenary of Lord Byon’s death, Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature commissioned an artwork.

The artwork aims to bring to life the haunting tale of the Black Friar of Newstead Abbey, Byron’s ancestral home, a place of eerie, captivating history which inspired much of his poetry.

This, and other 'Black Friars' from around the world, are on display at Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, hung in Lord Byron’s dressing room - just the place a ghostly Friar might like to float...

The artwork will be returned to Dunedin at the end of the year and gifted for permanent display in the City Library.

 The Black Friar


Black Friar hanging in Lord Byron's Dressing room

Hear more about this special project on Write Spot with OAR FM here: Write Spot with Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature - 06-12-2023 - Illustrator and Writer - David Elliot (accessmedia.nz) 


Dunedin Midwinter Carnival

Creatures of the Deep
Held on June 21st and 22nd, the Midwinter Carnival gathered at First Church to celebrate the wonderful world of water and the fascinating creatures that live above and below the surface... from soaring albatross to the terrifying taniwha!
Southern Right Whale and boat soaring across Burns Hall
 Fire and the night

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