Redwall Loamhedge - 'Springald and Saro' original art
Redwall Loamhedge - 'Springald and Saro' original art

The Flying Whale

Redwall Loamhedge - 'Springald and Saro' original art

"The crowd gathered under the threshold of the gatehouse. None of the wall racers was interested in entering. Every beast was talking about it, eager to see the race between Springald and Saro ." (p.93)

When David worked on the artwork for Redwall, by UK author Brian Jacques, he sometimes produced more than one version of the final composition. These final versions are often almost identical to the illustration that appears in the book.

This black and white illustration or 'spot' was done for Loamhedge, which was the 16th book in the Redwall series.

  • Ink on paper
  • Image size including artist signature: 75 mm x 110 mm
  • Paper size:135 mm x 200 mm
  • Framed: No

Redwall has now been purchased by Netflix so watch this space...

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