Print 1 - Dream
Print 1 - Dream

The Flying Whale

Print 1 - Dream

Print signed by the artist, David Elliot 

  • Print size: 210 mm x 297 mm
  • Fabriano paper
  • Framed: No

The first book that David published was a picture book called Arthur’s Star. The book is about a delightful encounter between a little boy and a young star who visits the boy in his bedroom. It’s night-time and the star wants to play. So, the two play together with the boy’s blocks and toys until it’s almost morning, when the older stars come looking for the missing youngster.

The last two pages in Arthur’s Star originally featured the illustration shown in this print; of the moon peering into the child’s bedroom window. But the publisher felt this image would be too scary for children and it never appeared in the final book.

Also available as a card

Selected rough drawings for this book are available for sale. Please contact us if interested.