Poems: Fun on a broom!
Poems: Fun on a broom!

The Flying Whale

Poems: Fun on a broom!

Final art by David Elliot for for 'Josephine Jessica Julie O'Shea' written by Joy Watson. This poem appeared in 100 NZ Poems for Children edited by Jo Noble

  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Paper size: 210 mm x 310 mm
  • Framed: No

  • Josephine Jessica Julie O'Shea
    Lived with her Granny down Wellington way,
    In a huge, haunted house with a creaky front door,
    With bats in the ceiling, and cracks in the floor.

    Josephine Jessica Julie O'Shea
    Rode into school on a broomstick each day.
    She wore a black cloak and a high pointed hat,
    And under her desk crouched a creepy black cat.