Poems: Buffalo
Poems: Buffalo

The Flying Whale

Poems: Buffalo

Signed art by David Elliot for 'The Buffalo' written by Jon Gadsby. This poem appeared in 100 NZ Poems for Children edited by Jo Noble

  • Mixed media
  • Image size with artist signature: 230 mm x 120 mm
  • Framed: No

    The buffalo is big and black
    It’s really quite a pity
    If he were small and pink instead
    He’d really look quite pretty
    The buffalo’s inquisitive
    Although he looks so dozy
    But when you’ve got a nose like his
    It’s hard not to be nosy
    The buffalo looks big and fierce
    With horns upon his head
    I wonder if he takes them off
    Before he goes to bed
    With horns like that it’s difficult
    The buffalo admits
    To buy a proper sunhat
    ‘Cause he can’t find one that fits
    And so he rolls in mud instead
    And wallows in his pool
    He ends up looking grubby but
    I suppose it keeps him cool
    The baby buffalo is small
    He wanders by the side
    D’you think they ever lift him up
    And take him for a ride?
    I they should, considering
    The trouble someone’s gone to
    ‘Cos all the buff’lo mums and dads
    Have handles to hold onto.