Print 2 - Seal with Harbour Cone

The Flying Whale

Print 2 - Seal with Harbour Cone

Print signed by the artist, David Elliot

  • Print size: 210 mm x 297 mm
  • Fabriano paper
  • Framed: No

"In a Bay about a mile down the harbour from Port Chalmers there is a small wooden cottage perched on the sea wall. For many years it was the home of the Lewis family who raised 17 children there living on fish and rabbits. When the last of them, Mungo, died in 2007 the cottage sat neglected, lonely and empty and there seemed no-one left to cherish it. Then one day as I drove past I was sure I saw a wisp of smoke drifting from the chimney…"

Also available as a card and giclee print