Ruru / Morepork
Ruru / Morepork

The Flying Whale

Ruru / Morepork

Signed art by David Elliot for 'Ruru' written by Marion Rego. This poem appeared in 100 NZ Poems for Children edited by Jo Noble

  • Mixed media
  • Image size with artist signature: 380 mm x 260 mm
  • Paper size: 440 mm x 300 mm
  • Framed: No

    All through the day, while the birds fly free,
    Ruru sleeps in the old pine tree.
    Deep in a hollow she hunches low,
    And blinks her eyes at the sunshine glow.
    When the sun goes down, and the shadows creep,
    And the other birds look for a place to sleep,
    Ruru stretches and looks around,
    Her ears alert for the tiniest sound,
    The wind has died, and no bird sings,
    As Ruru glides on silent wings.
    And now as the bush grows still and dark,
    Huhu comes from under the bark,
    Crawls through the leaves with a crackling sound
    And his wings whirr shrill as he leaves the ground.
    Ruru reaches with strong, clawed feet,
    And silently…silently…starts to eat.

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