Henry's Stars

Henry's Stars cover

One beautiful evening on the farm, Henry stares up at the sky. As he looks from star to star, they seem to form a picture. To Henry, it looks like a great big starry pig running across the sky and he can’t wait to show his discovery to the other farm animals. 

Henry sits

Henry sits


The Great Pig

The Great Pig


But Henry’s friends disagree as one by one they find their own 'Great Animal' in the stars. 

The Great Starry Horse


That's when it all gets very confusing and the squabbles start. 

Excuse me!

“Excuse me!”

As always, I enjoyed thinking about the compositions that might best tell the story. I also had lots of fun imagining the voices of the animals as they argued about what they saw in the stars above. 

Henry rough

Henry (rough)


Looking at stars

Looking at stars (rough)


Colour compositions

Colour composition roughs

Here you can see all the the different star creatures the animals made out of the same pattern of stars. There is even the star animal Henry sees when he gets confused.

star shapes 

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